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"ワナガイ", is tagged with 「ウサテイ」「パロ」 and others.



6/20/2009 12:38
需要性ナッシング ■えっ採用されてたの・・・!!???ありがとうございます!!!
しg7/18/2010 15:08追いかけさせるならやっぱりパパだなぁ・・・と。でもなんかパパ違うHK7/17/2010 16:26パパがいる!KayinNasaki12/2/2009 02:52I see! Thats okay. Touhou and IWBTG do seem to make a funny match! Maybe I'll have to make an IWBTG danmaku shooter sometime. Anyways, thankしg12/1/2009 19:28I'm sorry ・・・.This picture is a parody in the animation of "Usatei", and no original design of me. It apologizes when English is wrong.KayinNasaki11/30/2009 05:14I'm glad to hear that! My question was if I could use a modified version the logo you made for the next IWBTG game. Would this be acceptableしg11/29/2009 20:41I am honored to get the comment from the creator of this game!^^*KayinNasaki11/29/2009 16:43Hello, I am the creator of I Wanna Be the Guy! I apologize for not knowing Japanese, but I had to ask a question! I really really like this
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