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"花畑", is tagged with 「ハガレンモザイクアート」「受賞おめでとうございます!」 and others.





8/3/2009 00:59
fiichan7/3/2011 02:34ah.. this sure brings back memories. =w= poor nina. :'( anyway, nice artwork! I like it! <36/17/2010 09:38ハガレンのサイトから来ました。幻想的で素晴らしい出来だと思います。oliveho11/20/2009 21:18最後是個悲劇啊 .....最怕看這PART,,,olivia10/27/2009 02:54O_O really? did you get those textures then...?TAMA9/7/2009 17:03得奖了~~~祝贺啊~~~~零@SAN値不足8/13/2009 19:56>Olivia: in fact this is all just Sai _ _bbbolivia8/13/2009 12:58awwww...! is most of the editing photoshop? dayum...I need PS...yoshi8/6/2009 02:34买噶!这意境这风格美死了!!!!!Ed0ge8/4/2009 12:24這種畫風0........哇,太感人了...kan8/3/2009 04:20對我來最殺心的一組・゚・(つД`゚)・゚・Dhiea8/3/2009 01:33超喜欢这个画风///
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  • Total score15140

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