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"スーさ…", is tagged with 「ティノ・ヴァイナマイネン」「毛根が死んだ」 and others.



9/1/2009 20:06
Ahhhhh Youuuukoooo I finally read them up! The couple is very "sweet" lol! I just had to doodle something for them///
ヴィヴィ4/30/2010 11:25So sweet :) I love this couple and family <3いぬ☆タマキン9/3/2009 22:05good job XD!!! how loving they are!ミリ君9/3/2009 01:48Awww, this is jsut so adorable. I love it. ;A;KL@SCC西2-N31b9/2/2009 07:09A-ah no I'm still not in the fandom, but I find the characters really adorable;;; Thanks guys XDshouri9/2/2009 00:14ahaha happy to have you with us!! this is so sweet!藤真ようこ9/1/2009 23:41Are they just so cuuute? <333 I told you they are the perfect family X3りすひこ9/1/2009 22:51awesome!! kl's family is very cute\(^///^)/<3Breica9/1/2009 22:11oh I'm also crazy about them!! It is so sweet!! :DMaiki9/1/2009 21:30I don't know who converted you to Hetalia but I gotta tell them GJ!! bbbb
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