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"The dark World", is tagged with 「1000users入り」「100点(10点満点で)」 and others.



The dark World


9/27/2009 01:54
heheask9/19/2015 16:45留名~老师真棒~qtxao11/3/2014 12:15好棒moonlit bear10/15/2014 08:57凄い可爱の小尾巴7/24/2014 22:14非常 非常棒啊浮慕Siank5/29/2014 20:38作者是哪的人啊0.0彼女3/8/2014 16:00看了下楼上,不少国人啊! 支持下,加油!!!Cherbear12/24/2013 03:58I'm speechless... I've no idea most of my favourite drawings are drawn by the same person. Sir, you are awesome.天空SAMA12/10/2012 06:08好强!チャン・シン3/20/2012 03:27うわぁぁ。。。ただただ凄い。。光が差し込む感じに感動しましたお嬢@理絵2/5/2012 02:16めっちゃすてきです!!描き方をおしえてほしいくらいです・・・LoganKeller10/23/2011 12:48magnificent!!!!!!晚雪7/23/2011 18:31银发红瞳镰刀三无哥特什么的最有爱了啊啊啊~~~【捂脸Zomi1/6/2011 21:42請問老師這是原始尺寸嗎~~不是的話是多少@@?tan7/15/2010 00:01GREAT DARK....!! Your detail about background and rose be very well.1234562/3/2010 18:46很沉重的哥特式画风1/22/2010 19:55色彩好美啊啊~~~romavi12/16/2009 05:14absolutely beautiful...藏肆12/11/2009 10:11好好哦~~俺鸡冻~~暁の護衛12/6/2009 00:50aiin707@sohu.comRRC11/27/2009 22:11凄すぎて、どうやって描いているのかわからない(;一_一)
  • Views254510
  • Total score78721

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