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"【創作注意】勝手にブイズ進化系", is tagged with 「鋼はお預かりいたしますね」「では無は貰って行きます」 and others.





1/13/2010 15:38
すみませんが転載関係のコメントには返信をやめさせていただきます、転載はNGですすみません。Please do not reprint.---公式でまだ出てないタイプのブイズ描いちゃおうぜ企画にほいほい参加です。(※サムネが小さいのはオリジナル苦手な方への配慮です、見にくくてごめんなさい)【左から...Read more
n:go5/2/2016 10:50このイラストを参考に描くのはOKです! ただし、想像上のイラスト・創作の進化という意思をどこかに明記してくださると嬉しいですthsalswjd65/1/2016 10:13こんいちわ! 私 毒-っぽくイーブイを 描いても いいんですか?盗む の わ しません! I apologize for the poor Japanese, but I would like to draw fan art!I will credit!n:go1/27/2016 18:35Thank you for teaching ! shock ! XO I exert myself in order to eliminate.scarlette.grimm1/27/2016 16:55Hey, you're works are cool, and I love the designs. But this guy on Tumblr reprinted them.n:go8/5/2015 01:33Link to this page is OK. It does not allow it to reprint illustrations. Thank you for the translation :)diamond-ice-ns8/3/2015 05:26I apologize for the rough translation. My native language is English.diamond-ice-ns8/3/2015 05:25アートワークのこの作品は、ほとんどのインターネット上で盗まれた可能性があります。人々は、それはあなたのものです知っているので、私はRedditにこのページへリンクしてもいいですか?あなたの芸術は素晴らしいですし、私はあなたが知られるように値すると感じます!n:go8/3/2015 04:32Thank you for your feeling. but please don't reprint a picture. If it's mentioning of URL, it's possible.n:go8/3/2015 04:32お気持ち有難うございます。 ですが転載はしないでください。 URLの記載ならOKです。Artemis Miria7/29/2015 01:42Otherwise i'll of course remove it! :)Artemis Miria7/29/2015 01:42Now I ask for your permission to keep it posted on my deviant art, while of course credited to you! May I? :) continue ->Artemis Miria7/29/2015 01:41I've posted them on my Deviant Art account, so that others could help me track you down. :) continue ->Artemis Miria7/29/2015 01:40Hello! Finally I found you! I've been looking for the maker of these eeveelutions for years! Continue ->n:go7/13/2015 11:35Thank you for reporting (><) This illust is troubled being arbitrarily use ...!pinkachuu7/13/2015 07:47Tumblr user eeveelution has been trying to pass your work as their own. I reported them. Sorry people steal from you. :(Yvisama5/10/2015 17:56You are welcome, dear. People steal mine too & I know how does it feel...I've also notified it here to keep track of it 17:35Thank you for reporting ;v;Yvisama5/10/2015 17:10another thief for you ;^; I didn't say anything to him, I prefer to send it to you and report too. 14:39Thanks too!n:go9/8/2014 14:37>KiruLEL >Simba Thank you for the report...!