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There are 161791 images and manga tagged with "アイドルマスター". "アイドルマスター" belongs to the parent tag "ゲーム". Other popular tags that share the parent tag include "アイドルマスターシンデレラガールズ" and "アイドルマスターミリオンライブ!". Child tags of "アイドルマスター" include "如月千早", "音無小鳥", "菊地真", "天海春香" and "星井美希". Illustrations and artworks submitted with tag "アイドルマスター" are also tagged with "天海春香", "アイマス", "アイドルマスターミリオンライブ!", "我那覇響", "うさちゃん", "アニマス", "那珂" and "コスプレ".

Created: 5/19/2015

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