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pixiv is the premier online artist community where members submit illustrations, manga, and novels or browse work created by others. Join the millions that make up the pixiv community.You can also access pixiv with your mobile phone.

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"It's fun drawing!"
pixiv, the online artist's community, aims to reach that place.

Welcome to pixiv!

pixiv is an online art communication service that connects artists with other artists and enthusiasts. pixiv is a place where you can enjoy submitting and browsing countless artworks.
Aside from the wide variety of illustrations submitted on pixiv, there are frequently held illustration projects from both users and our staff. Users can collaborate with each other and create new works by utilizing this co-creation platform.

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You're probably thinking there's already lots of similar services, and you'd be right. But they each have their own issues - there are sites where you can only browse for illustrations by specific categories. What happens when the category you're looking for isn't available? On other sites, it takes way too long for your new submissions to appear.

pixiv's main feature is tagging - these keywords describe artworks and help users quickly pinpoint illustrations that may interest them. Tagging an illustration with its traits make searching for specific works much easier. (Each work can have up to 10 tags)

pixiv lets you easily choose who you share your artworks with - whether it be restricted only you, only to your friends, or the entire world! You can also bookmark artworks you like for later or view other users' bookmarks. You can also add your favorite artists to a favorites list to get a personalized feed of new artworks from all your favorite artists as they're uploaded!

Many Other Rich Features

We have many other features, including: pixiv's friend system, comment system, group system, notification system and much more!
In order to create a fun environment for all our users, we will continually improve pixiv. Expect us to add even more new features in the future!

pixiv aims to create an environment where sharing and discovering artwork is fun. If you find yourself even a little bit curious, why not give it a try? pixiv is free to register and use.