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                    This is pixiv secretariat!
We’re getting ready for this year’s Tanabata (July 7th), and for this occasion we’re initiating pixiv Tanabata Festival!
To celebrate the one day of the year when princess Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the stars Vega and Altair) meet,
 we’re offering a themed template that we think will go pretty well with your Tanabata-inspired artworks so please use it freely! 
We will also choose a very special person who will see their dream come true as an additional event!
You can also apply through pixiv Sketch. We hope there will be many submissions!

Event Duration
July 1st (Sat) ~ July 11th (Mon) 23:59

Event Tags
pixiv七夕祭2016 / TheStarFestival2016 / 칠석2016

Prizes & Rewards:
- Your Dream Prize – 1 winner
We will make your wish that you wrote on your paper strip to come true! (The winner will be chosen after a rigorous selection)

-  Let People Know Prize - 5 winners (lottery-based))
If you tell your wish to someone it might come true! Your artwork will be featured on pixiv official page!
It’s a limited offer for those who applied through pixiv Sketch and for those who submitted their work using the pixiv Tanabata Festival 2016 tag.

- Extra Prize – 20 winners (lottery-based)
We will make your paper strips into pixivFACTORY super-popular acrylic keychains and send them to you!

(1) Following the template, prepare a Tanabata-themed strip.
(2) When publishing your artworks on pixiv or pixiv Sketch, use the tags listed below and you will automatically enter the contest!

・psd/png DL:http://source.pixiv.net/special/tanabata2016/tanabata_template.zip
・png DL:http://source.pixiv.net/special/tanabata2016/tanabata_tanzaku.png

◆TheStarFestival2016 http://www.pixiv.net/contests/starfestival2016
◆pixiv sketch https://sketch.pixiv.net/items/5952786222189933133