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Open Group
REQUIREMENTS: Please have a Safe For Work avatar, if you're going to join this group. Failure to meet this requirement will result in a kick from this group. If you don'want meet this requirement, there always the R-18 version of this group, located here: group/32844

RULES: No R-18 related post.

For individuals who speak primarily English as their main language but anyone who speaks English even a little can join. Pixiv is an amazing site with a lot of talented individuals but it seems most of the artists speaks Japaneses (I believe it is), which is a huge FeelsBadMan for me because it kills me not being able to communicate with all these talented individuals and learn from them.

So I decided why not make a group considering I don't really see a group made specifically for individuals who speak English. Like all other groups, artist/critics are allowed to post with-in this group to share their artwork/concepts for everyone to enjoy and critic.
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