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March 21, 2024
[For a limited time only!] Enjoy cherry blossoms dancing across your illustrations! The pixiv Sakura Festival 2024 is underway!
March 21, 2024
Greetings from pixiv.
The pixiv Sakura Festival 2024 timed event started on Thursday, March 21, 2024, on both the desktop and mobile versions of pixiv.

▼Event Period

From Thursday, March 21st at 12 noon until Monday, April 8th, 2024 at 12 noon JST.
* Start and end times of the event are subject to change without notice.

▼About pixiv Sakura Festival 2024

Experience the magic of cherry blossoms dancing across your illustrations.
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▼Event overview

▼How to Participate

Here are two ways you can display the cherry blossom animation:
1. Post an illustration with the tag #pixivSakuraFestival2024
2. Add the tag #pixivSakuraFestival2024 to any of your previously posted illustrations
Refer to the help page below to learn more about this feature.
▼About the pixiv Sakura Festival 2024


  • This feature is available on the desktop and mobile versions of pixiv. Cherry blossoms will not be displayed on the app, even if the tag is added.

  • Cherry blossoms will only appear on your own illustrations if you add the tag yourself. Adding tags to other people's illustrations will not display cherry blossoms.

  • The cherry blossom effect is only applied to illustrations. Ugoira, manga, and novels will not display cherry blossoms, even if tagged.

  • If you tag your work before the feature’s start date, the animation will be displayed once the event goes live.

  • Once the event concludes, the cherry blossom effect will automatically disappear, even if the tag remains. Rest assured, your artwork data will not be deleted.

▼About the Event Content and Duration

The content and duration of this feature are subject to change or cancellation at our discretion, without prior notice.
If you have any inquiries about this feature, you can contact us here.
Thank you for your continued patronage with pixiv.
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