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TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Illustration Contest Results Announced

The "TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Illustration Contest" which was held between April 12, 2012 and May 11, 2012 has concluded.

After an overwhelming response from our entrants, we decided to add a “Special Award" prize category after the initial planned four prize categories due to the sheer number of amazing works submitted!.

We will now announce the following 47 winners, chosen by a strict judging process from over 1,000 submissions.

■ Most Prestigious Award (1 winner)
○ The winner received an anniversary merchandise and invitation ticket to "TYPE-MOON Fes."

by STAR影法師

■ Artwork Award (4 winners)
○ Winners received invitation tickets to "TYPE-MOON Fes."

by die

by ジャックフロスト

by くらげ

by ちぜ

■ Special Award (5 winners)
○ Winners will receive official goods

by ユイノ

by モフ

by とびうお海鮮

by edenfox

by グリ男

Winners from all three categories will have their works featured in the "TYPE-MOON Fes." official pamphlet.

■ TYPE-MOON ACE Award (1 winner)
○ Winning work will be featured in the upcoming "TYPE-MOON ACE (Working Title)", and a clock as present.

by 鳥の子たまご

■ pixiv Award (36 winners)
○ Winning works will be featured in our upcoming "pixiv×TYPE-MOON ILLUST COLLECTION 10th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION (Working Title)", and pixiv originally designed E-money card worth 1,575yen as present.

"ヒロイン2号!" by 月奏
"ヒーロー&ヒロイン" by 松樹
"記念写真ビフォーアフター" by 灯屋駆舞
"Love Message!!" by ますらおぶり今日子
"僕たちの未来" by 鳥の子たまご
"月夜" by こも
"青王式姫ー型月" by ときち
"汝三大の言霊を纏う七天、抑止の輪より来たれ、天秤の守り手よ!" by からあげ
"聖処女" by 狂zip
"さらば。" by カゼナ@風菜
"黄金の輝き" by 玖条イチソ/そいの人
"Saber" by Tooa
"Urtext" by hitoha
"【弓女主】最後【ネタバレ】" by MaMuSya
"fate zero" by 魚醬
"Four Color" by 秋の回忆亚
"Blessing or curse" by ryosios
"聖剣解放!" by キグナス
"hollow ataraxia" by POKImari
"Stay Gold" by りょーすけ
"Queen's Glass Game" by 黒兎
"初代はいてない" by SDwing
"セイバー" by tmt
"白黒" by もちくら
"姫アルク" by たま
"「これからも」" by 点々々惨
"レン" by Akefumi
"魔法の様な星空に" by オヤジ草
"夕暮れの有珠" by 曽我誠
"魔法使いの夜" by yume32ki
"星の巡るこんな夜に" by lain
"はちみつを巡る脳内会議" by 将兵
"witch on the night" by ソデヤイツキ
"幕開け" by 寺子屋

Congratulations to all the winners!
We would like to thank all the participants who entered!

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