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April 17, 2024
[Get 3 months of pixiv Premium for free!] Announcing a special release campaign for our new iPad drawing app Pastela
April 17, 2024
Greetings from pixiv.
We're excited to offer a special campaign to celebrate the release of our new iPad drawing app Pastela.
Starting Wednesday, April 17th, 2024, anyone who downloads Pastela from the App Store on iPad during the campaign will receive 3 months of pixiv Premium for free as a download bonus.
▼With pixiv Premium, you can...
・Browse by popularity
・Hide ads
・Check your browsing history, mute works, and sort creators you follow into folders
・Replace the images in your posts, schedule posts, see access reports
and much more!
Take this opportunity to enhance your illustration process with Pastela and explore the benefits of pixiv Premium for free.
▼About Pastela
Pastela is a drawing app for iPad.
Designed with iPad artists in mind, Pastela comes with features such as automatic canvas syncing via cloud and seamless integration with pixiv. From the first stroke to the last detail, Pastela aims to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for all types of creative projects.
Pastela special website:
*The app is available for free. (Subscription plans available)
*Available on iPad OS 16.4 or later
Campaign Overview
■ Campaign period
From Wednesday, April 17th, to Monday, May 17th, 2024, 11:59 pm JST
■ How to claim this offer
1. Download the Pastela app from the iPad App Store during the campaign period and log in to your pixiv account with Pastela.
How to log in with Pastela
2. An e-mail with a serial code for 3 months of free pixiv Premium will be sent to the e-mail address registered with your pixiv account.
*E-mails are scheduled to be sent between Saturday, May 18th, and the end of May, following the campaign's conclusion.
3. The e-mail will direct you to a page where you can redeem your coupon. Enter the serial code from the e-mail on this page.
4. From the day you enter the serial code, you'll be able to enjoy 3 months of pixiv Premium for free.
■ Eligible users
To be eligible, you must meet all the following criteria.
・Download the Pastela app and log in with a pixiv account during the campaign period from Wednesday, April 17th, to Friday, May 17th, 2024.
・You must not have an active paid subscription to pixiv Premium, or not have started a subscription during the campaign period.
*Those who have registered for pixiv Premium before the campaign period and canceled during the campaign are not eligible.
*Those who have registered for a new pixiv Premium membership with a 1-month free campaign during this period are not eligible.
■Important notes
*After entering the campaign, the free trial period for pixiv Premium lasts for 3 months from the day you enter your serial code and register for pixiv Premium.
*That this offer may be subject to change, termination, and extension without notice.
*This offer is only valid for one free trial per person.
*If we detect that a single person using multiple accounts or a person engaging in fraudulent activity has tried to take advantage of this offer, pixiv will take measures as necessary, as outlined under our Terms of Use, up to and including cancellation of pixiv Premium membership and/or account suspension.
●Download Pastela
*The app is available for free.
*Available on iPad OS 16.4 or later
●Pastela official media
・Official website:
・Pastela special website:
*A promotional video of Pastela is now available on the app's official YouTube channel!
●Contact us
For inquiries regarding this campaign, please contact us here.
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