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April 22, 2024
Announcement about updates and additions to the Terms of Use to comply with regional laws
April 22, 2024
Greetings from pixiv.
Starting from April 25th, 2024, a new section ("Restrictions on unacceptable content to comply with regional laws") has been added to the pixiv Terms of Use.
This change only affects users whose Country/Region is set to the US or UK.
Other users will not be affected by this change in Terms of Use.
Please read more about this change below.
Go to your Settings to check your Country/Region.
This was automatically set when you first created your account based on your account access data. If your Country/Region is not accurate to your situation, please refer to the following article to change it.
This new addition to our Terms of Use ( goes into effect on April 25th, 2024. By continuing to use pixiv after this date, users are deemed to have agreed to the contents of the above.
Users based in the US and UK are encouraged to review this addition to our Terms of Use before continuing to use our service.
In addition, the following sections of the Terms of Use have been changed to fit the April 25th, 2024 addition.

Service Master Terms of Use

The following sections will be updated as shown below.
Article 2. Individual Agreements etc.
Article 7. Account Registration

pixiv Individual Terms of Use

The following section will be updated as shown below.
Please note that other additions or changes to comply with regional laws may be implemented in the pixiv Terms of Use for the purpose of creating a space that is safe and comfortable for people all over the world.
We appreciate your understanding and your cooperation as we work to bring pixiv in accordance with the regional laws of our users.
Thank you for your patronage with pixiv.
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