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pixiv Novel is holding the contest "Writing Support Project ~ Tears ~"!
May 14, 2024
Greetings from pixiv.
The pixiv Novel's Writing Support Project ~ Tears ~ starts on Tuesday, May 14th, 2024.
This contest accepts novels under a theme that changes periodically.
The theme this time around is "tears".
We invite you to submit novels inspired by the theme of tears—whether it's the heartbreaking tears of a sorrowful goodbye, the wrenching sadness of a tragic love story, or the happy tears of a long-awaited happy ending.
The winner of the top prize, chosen via lottery among the contestants, will receive a set of useful how-to books on creative writing (5 volumes). pixiv Novels original novelty gifts will be given to 10 runners-up.
Entry Period:
From Tuesday, May 14th to Sunday, June 30th, 2024, 11:59 pm JST
How to Participate:
Please post your novel to pixiv and attach both the project tag "執筆応援PJ24May" and at least one sub-theme tag to your novel. You can pick whichever of these tags you like (original text in parenthesis).
Project tag (required): #執筆応援PJ24May
Sub-theme tags (select at least one), to be posted in Japanese:
Tears (Japanese tag: 涙)
Tragic Love (Japanese tag: 悲恋)
Heartbreaking (Japanese tag: 切ない)
Family (Japanese tag: 家族)
Tearjerker (Japanese tag: 涙腺崩壊)
Happy Ending (Japanese tag: ハッピーエンド)
There isn't a required format (such as short stories or long forms) on the novel you submit (referred to as "contest entries"). The only requirement is that they be over 500 characters.
*You can enter a series into the contest, but please note that one series will only be one entry in the lottery.
*You can submit as many entries as you like, but understand that one post is one work (including series).
*Incomplete stories are okay.
*If your entry includes content unsuitable for those under 18, please make sure the age restriction is set as R-18 or R-18G.
*Only works posted after Tuesday, May 14th, 2024 at midnight JST will be considered for the lottery.
*Contest entries may receive comments and stickers from the pixiv Novel Editorial team's account.
Eligible Participants:
This contest is open to all registered pixiv users who have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.
*Entries from companies and multiple creators will not be accepted.
*Underage contestants should obtain the consent of a guardian before entering.
Contest Terms:
Works that fall under the conditions listed below may be disqualified.
・Not matching the theme of the contest.
・Not having the contest tag attached.
・Setting the privacy level of your entry to “My pixiv”, “Private”, or "URL restricted".
・Reposting a previous illustration or not submitting your entry within the time frame of the contest.
・Posting your entry before 11:59:59 pm JST on Monday, May 13th, 2024.
・Entering the work in other novel-based projects (including contests) on services run by pixiv and by other companies at the same time.
・Violating any of the rules listed in “Contest Terms”.
Contest prizes:
1 winner:
A set of useful how-to books on creative writing (5 volumes)
10 winners:
A pixiv Novels original novelty gift
*Contestants will not be informed directly when the lottery results are announced. There will be no public announcement of the winner. Only winners will be informed of their victory after the contest period has ended by the pixiv Novels editorial team official account over pixiv Messages. Please note that if winners do not respond within a certain period of time after being contacted, they may not be able to receive their prizes.
Please read the Application Guidelines on the Contest page for more details.
We look forward to seeing all your entries!
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