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"Slipknot Illustration Contest" begins!

Starting July 25th, pixiv is holding a Slipknot illustration contest!

Contest Outline

For this contest, we are collecting fan artist illustrations with a Slipknot motif to celebrate the internationally popular nine-member heavy metal band from Iowa as they release their first best-of album, "Antennas to Hell".

Slipknot: #8 - Antennas To Hell

【Contest Period】
Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - Friday, August 31, 23:59 (Japan Standard Time)

【How to Participate】
(1) Create some art with a Slipknot motif.
(2) Please post your artwork with the provided tag below on pixiv.

Tag: スリップノットイラコン

【Submission Format】
There is no size limit for your submission.
You may enter as many times as you wish, but each entry must be unique.
*However, please understand in advance that prize winners may be asked again for submission of their original high-resolution artwork data.

【Selection Method】
■ Grand Prize
Present of your submitted artwork made into a dummy jacket and one skateboard with the member’s photo on it (one winner)

■ Excellence Award
Skateboard set with the member’s photo on it (two boards set) (four winners)

■ Maggots Award
Slipknot 10-year anniversary box set (five winners)
*Skateboard design with member’s photo cannot be chosen.

Winners will be presented with awesome Slipknot goods, including a skateboard with the member’s photo on it. We look forward to receiving many entries.
Please help make this a successful contest!

◆Contest Outline
◆List of Entry Works
◆Terms and Conditions
◆Special page for Slipknot "Antennas to Hell"

■ What is Slipknot?
Slipknot is a nine-member heavy metal American band from Des Moines, Iowa, who excels at creating heavy music that is a fusion of all different styles.
In order to draw your attention to their music instead of their appearance, they have created their own original style in which each member wears their own unique mask.

※ Please note that this announcement is a translation of the Contest
Outline. However, the original Contest Outline and the Terms and Conditions are available in Japanese only. Non Japanese participants are
cordially welcomed to join the contest.

彼らのすべてを集約したバンド史上初となる恐るべきベスト・アルバム スリップノット - 『アンテナズ・トゥ・ヘル』
2CD+DVD の3 枚組限定盤:WPZR-30441~3 /¥3,980 (税込)
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