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"Quarterly pixiv vol.10" October 13th (Saturday) Release

The 10th volume of pixiv's communication magazine (Quarterly pixiv vol. 10) went on sale on Saturday, October 13th.

This issue features "Ib(イヴ)," a free game that has generated a buzz around the internet since its release in February 2012.
With character introductions, story commentary, analysis and featured works from the pixiv “Ib” illustration contest, this issue is a must-see for both the huge fans and the people who haven't been able to get a taste of "Ib." Definitely take a look.

Purchase it here on Amazon.co.jp.
"Quarterly pixiv vol.10"

■Content Details
とよた瑣織(Toyota Saori)

・Color gravure & How-to
夜汽車(Yogisya)こずみっく(Kozumikku)どっこい (Dokkoi) みちた(Michita) 吉川(Yoshikawa)高虎 (Takatora)

・Feature: “Ib”

・Illustration contest results
"Ib" , "Original" , and "Sea" categories

0d82e62be7534a0082de443af495f8761 "Quarterly pixiv vol.10"
Release date: October 13, 2012 (Saturday)
Price: 1,260 Yen (Tax included)
Size format: A4

  • Pawoo
  • ピクシブ文芸
  • sensei
  • pixiv FACTORY
  • 松井恵理子・内村史子のMY LOVE STREET-まイラぶストりーと powered by pixiv
  • 中途・新卒エントリー募集
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