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Tomb Raider Fanart Contest Results

pixiv is collaborated with Square Enix to feature an official illustration contest about the new Tomb Raider. The contest was held from Monday, March 18th 2013 to Monday, April 15th 2013. The contest looked for entries about the iconic Lara Croft along with original survival girl illustrations.

It was difficult to judge the entries about adventurous Lara Croft and everyone’s original survival girls, but here are the winners of this contest! Thanks to all who participated and made this contest a great competition!

■Grand Prize Winner
・Awarded 100,000 yen (About $1000 USD)
・Charcoal Black Super Slim PlayStation®3 (CECH-4000B)
・Tomb Raider for the PlayStation 3
・PlayArts Lara Croft Figurine

陽だまりの冒険者』 by paca

■Lara Croft Winner
・Awarded 50,000 yen ($500 USD)
・Tomb Raider for the PlayStation 3
・PlayArts Lara Croft Figurine

生き抜く本能 TOMB RAIDER Lara Croft』 by ジャーマン☆ドッグ

■Original Survivor Girl Winner
・Awarded 50,000 yen ($500 USD)
・Tomb Raider for the PlayStation 3
・PlayArts Lara Croft Figurine

サバイバルガール』 by えんぴつ(2013)

■Survivor Winners (10)
・Tomb Raider for the PlayStation 3

ある日森の中、熊さん(♀)に出会った』 by 不眠だっ!
みつけた』 by danciao(だんちゃお)
LARA CROFTさん』 by tricky胡坐(agura)
無題』 by 梅澤美智子
Lara Croft』 by オージー詩子(げび)
ララ・クロフトさん』 by Draghignazzo
ひとやすみ』 by ガースケ
Tomb Raider』 by NAREUK
ララ・クロフト』 by あんぐり
ララさん』 by たーぼ

The Grand Prize winner along with the two runner-ups of each category will be featured on the official Tomb Raider website as wallpaper downloads.

Congratulations to all the winners!
Thanks to all who participated!

◆Submitted Entries
◆Square Enix’s Tomb Raider Official Website
◆Square Enix’s Tomb Raider Official Facebook
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