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Gargantia Anime Character Design Contest Results

The Gargantia Anime Character Design Contest was held from Friday, April 26th 2013 to Sunday, May 12th 2013. We’ve now decided on the winners that will have their original characters debut in the last episode of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet!

The theme of this contest was to design a character that could be a possible crew member of Gargantia. About 900 entries were created by pixiv members! The entries were judged by director, Kazuya Murata, and the Gargantia animation staff. Here are the 12 winners they have chosen!

■Grand Prize (12 Winners)
These characters will be featured in the last episode of the Gargantia anime and their creators will also be awarded with official Gargantia merchandise.

ガルガンティア乗組員 by なこつ(秋)

シャロン by rakkou

【乗組員】記録係 by sorato

ガルガンティア乗組員 by さくらげ

ガルガンティア乗組員 by アヒル××

ガルガンティア乗組員(キャラ案2) by ぺろす

ガルガンティア乗組員 by はしま

ガルガンティア乗組員:イザベラ by 竜崎いち

無題 by nik

ガルガンティアイラスト by さい

ロチェ by しょうお

ガルガンティア乗組員 by ミチュ

Congratulations to all the winners! Look forward to seeing these wonderful character designs in the last episode of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet!

◆Contest Outline (Japanese)
◆Submitted Entries
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