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BOOTH is a fun and effortless way to sell your creations with pixiv.

Starting today, pixiv is releasing a new service called BOOTH which is a new way to sell your creations.

We allowed existing pixiv members to preregister for BOOTH since the 4th of December and there has already been over ten thousand preregistrations!
For those who have preregistered, you can now enter in required information about your store and specify creations and start selling.

Access your shop settings here.

Check out the below links for how to use BOOTH and other helpful information.

How to use BOOTH (Japanese)
Warehouse guide (Japanese)
Packing guide (Japanese)
FAQ (Japanese)

To match today’s release, we’ve also invited 9 well-known illustrators and manga artists to open their shops at BOOTH.
k.kanehira @ Futuristic impression Webstore
saitom @ saitom BOOTH
コーラ @ コーラ通販BOOTH
虎硬 @ 百化のBOOTH
ぬQ @ ぬQのお店
藤原(藤ちょこ) @ 藤ちょこのBOOTH
またよし @ またよしのBOOTH
ものゆう @ ものゆうのBOOTH

【BOOTH Features】
Free Early Access
・No cost or monthly fees during the early stages
There’s currently no cost or monthly fee to open up a new shop. BOOTH currently doesn’t have a handling charge so all purchase funds goes directly to the creators. 

Shop functions
・Digital distribution
Not only will BOOTH offer a way to sell self-published works, merchandise, and hand-made items but will also handle digital distribution which includes illustrations, photos, music, videos, and e-books.

・Design customization
Choose your favorite template and set your own logo and background to create your own personalized BOOTH.

・Unlimited number of listings for your merchandise
List as many products as you want as there’s no limit and release them when you’d like to.

・Accessible by smartphone and computers
You can also browse and buy from BOOTH using your smartphone.

Payment gateway
・Credit cards accepted
Credit cards are accepted with a low handling charge of 3.6% of the product plus 10 yen. There are also plans to accept payments through Japanese bank transfers and convenience stores. (Estimated Jan 2014 release.)

Warehouse services
・Product storage, packing, and delivery
We’ll take care of your products through our contracted warehouses and take care of the annoying process of safekeeping, packing, and delivering products. Warehouse storage is free for the first 6 months and delivery charge is a flat 700 yen, regardless of size, weight, or where it’ll be shipped to in Japan.

Product promotion
・Link with pixiv (New product notifications and search)
By linking your pixiv ID, you can search for new products through the pixiv tag search and alert pixiv members following you of your new creations through their pop board.

・Follow shops
Follow your favorite BOOTHs and quickly check up on items and new products.

・Set certain items to zero yen
If you’re offering samples or trials, easily set them to zero yen.

BOOTH is THE new way to interact with creators by supporting them through their creations.
If you love creating things, please give BOOTH a try and sell your products in your very own online store.

【What is BOOTH?】
BOOTH is a new way to sell your creations with pixiv. Even if you don’t know how to make a website, anyone can easily create their own free online store with BOOTH. BOOTH even does the payment, merchandise storing, and shipping for you, making it less annoying for you. Product search and BOOTH following functions allows you to promote your work on pixiv.
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