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Umabi × pixiv Racehorse Anthropomorphic Contest Results

The winners have been decided for the Umabi × pixiv Racehorse Anthropomorphic Contest, which was held between October 23rd 2015 to December 6th 2015.

【About Umabi】http://umabi.jp
Umabi is an entertainment content platform for fans of horse racing and of course people who want to get into horse racing. The site is named after "Horse (Uma)" and "Weather (Hiyori)" which creates a leisurely image of the everyday fun of horse racing. The concept is that of the 11th Horse Racing Course.

The contest looked for illustrations of existing racehorses as an anthropomorphic character. The racehorses ranged from current popular horses as well as horses that have already retired from racing.
The winners have been decided by a public vote at the Umabi website.

And here are those winners!

■Grand Prize Winner
 Prize: 100,000 yen, work used as the top cover image of Umabi

ヒシアマゾンちゃん』 / 士崎 多結 さん

■First Prize winners (5 members)
 Prize: 50,000 yen, work introduced on Umabi
ホクトベガトウカイトリックウオッカ 【尨犬】
Nacht さん一歌 さん尨犬 さん
幻騒アぽろ さんまこと大吉 さん

Thank you very much for all your entries!

◆Submitted Entries
◆Contest Outline
◆Umabi Website
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