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pixiv 10th-anniversary memorial art book "pixiv archive 2007-2017" is available for pre-order!

it's pixiv secretariat.

The pre-orders for pixiv 10th-anniversary memorial art book "pixiv archive 2007-2017" are finally open!

This art book presents itself like a data log portraying the last 10 years of pixiv, and features some of the artworks that were posted on the illustration communication service in the 120 months of its history - from September 2007 until August 2017.

Book Features
- Covers a total of 120 monthly rankings, 8 illustrations per rank, for a total of 960 artworks
- Includes the history of pixiv in the shape of its many events and projects
- 640p., 4cm width, ~3kg
- Special shell type gift box
- Blue metal foil finish
- All graphics are in RGB format (thanks to the Kaleido® printing technology)
- Production limited to 3000 copies

The concept is of "an art book which super high-quality cannot be achieved with regular bookstore distribution".
The art direction is by the design team BALCOLONY, who worked with the graphic design of titles such as "Your Name.", "Love Live!" and "Puella Magi Madoka Magica". It's an advanced, cutting-edge "monolith" design embodying the 10-year history of pixiv, and it's designed with particular attention to detail, with Japan's finest printing technique and binding.

Because of the special materials used for the production of this art book, it will be limited to 3000 copies and it will not be sold in bookstores. At the moment there are no plans for a reprint, so please take this opportunity to pre-order this exclusive tome.

■ Pre-order your copy here

■ Interview with the designers

■ Book Overview
"pixiv archive 2007-2017"
Pre-order dates: Mar. 8th ~ Apr. 2nd 2018
Est. delivery: Mid to late June 2018
Price: 13,900 yen + tax
Size: A4
Pages: 632 (624 pages are in RGB format thanks to the Kaleido® printing technology. The remaining 8 pages use a special color printing on high-quality colored paper)
Publisher: pixiv Inc.

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