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pixiv's artwork page design was renewed!

The changes to the design of pixiv's artwork page on pixiv for PC and for smartphones were made effective as of June 13th, 2018.
As disclosed in this announcement posted on April 4th, the page renewal was already reflected on part of the users starting from April 17th.

■ With the new design, your art is the protagonist of the screen!

We decided to renovate the page for the following purposes:
・So that users can focus on the artwork as soon as they open the page
・To make it easier for users to follow an artist and to browse that artist's works.

On pixiv for PC, the artwork display size is bigger than ever before.
Also, we moved the title and tags that were on top of the screen to the bottom of the artwork.
We also deleted text ads, so that all information about the artwork is easier to see.
Quote: Announcement from pixiv / pixiv's artwork page design to be renewed!

While gradually expanding the target of this renewal, we also reflected some improvements that were suggested by users themselves and that were requested after experimenting the new artworks page.
pixiv for PC and smartphones
・Expansion of the thumbnail size of the same author's works; addition of a bookmark button.
・Displaying notes before the artwork is displayed
・Addition of a "sensitive contents" browsing function

pixiv for PC only
・Addition of illustrations and pixiv Encyclopedia links when hovering over the tags on the artwork page, in order to make tags more easily understandable
・Addition of a display matching narrow horizontal screens

pixiv for smartphones only
・Display of recommended works when bookmarking a work

We will keep making improvements in order to bring all users the optimal artwork page, so that your works can shine even more.
Please do not hesitate to send feedback and comments regarding the new design using the feedback form below.

・On PC, click on the "Send feedback" button on the bottom rigtht corner of the page.

・On your smartphone, tap on the "Send feedback" button at the bottom of the page.

We're also planning to renovate pixiv's profile page as well and add a few new functions.
We will provide the details of the upcoming changes in a separate announcement.

Thank you for your continuous patronage with pixiv.
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