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February 26, 2020
Updates about tag translation and a new tag suggestion method
February 26, 2020
Greetings from pixiv.

From February 26, 2020, the way to suggest a tag translation will change.
From now on, translations can be suggested on the localization management platform "Crowdin".

Current tag translation status and impact of the changes
In April 2018, we released a feature to suggest tag translations on pixiv.
Currently, the number of translated tags in each language is as follows.
・ English: about 37,000 tags
・ Simplified Chinese: about 8,900 tags
・ Traditional Chinese: about 8,000 tags
・ Korean: about 4,400 tags

We have confirmed that English is the most translated language and that having translated tags increases the number of searches per user by about 50%.
With the increase in the number of searches, we were able to deliver works posted on pixiv to even more users.
We're truly thankful to everyone who helped translate these tags.

Overview of the new translation method
So far, we have been accepting translation suggestions on pixiv services.
From now on, suggestions can be submitted on the localization management platform " Crowdin".

■ About Crowdin
Crowdin is a translation management platform.
This service offers "public projects", a feature to solicit translations from users.

■ Advantages of using Crowdin
1. Past translation history is available for reference
You can refer to the translations already used by pixiv, for an easier and more accurate translation
2. A voting system for suggested translations
If multiple translations exist for the same tag, translators can vote on which is the more appropriate
3. Users can comment on the translations on Crowdin
Users can give their concrete opinions on the translation suggestions

■ How to suggest a translation in Crowdin
1. Register an account with Crowdin
2. After registering, join this project (

3. Click the language for which you want to suggest a translation

4. Select files to translate

5. Enter the translation in the editor and click SAVE

Please refer to Crowdin's Help pages for more details.
Crowdin Introduction-Crowdin Documentation
Online Editor-Crowdin Documentation

■ Terms of Service and Guidelines for tag translation
If you would like to help us with tag translation, please agree to the Translation Suggestions Terms of Service and read the translation format guidelines before submitting your suggestions.
Translation Suggestions Terms of Service
Translation Format Guidelines

Thank you for your patronage with pixiv.
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