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March 30, 2020
Notice of pixiv Inc. services' Terms of Use and Privacy Policy enforcement
March 30, 2020
pixiv team here,

On Monday March 30, 2020, services of pixiv Inc. listed below will enforce its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

・pixiv COMIC
・pixiv Novel
・pixiv Literature
・pixiv PAY
・pixiv Sketch
・VRoid Studio
・VRoid Hub、VRoid SDK
・VRoid mobile
・pixiv Encyclopedia

pixiv Inc. services Terms of Use (Updated)

After March 30, 2020, the updated version of Terms of Use will be applied to the users of each of the services by pixiv Inc.

If there are any parts you are unsure about, please inquire from the form below.
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Thank you for using the services of pixiv Inc. and for your cooperation.
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