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Illustration contest "SMILE BLOOM PROJECT-Sakura blooms, smile blooming spring" Begins

Hello everyone,

Illustration contest "SMILE BLOOM PROJECT-Sakura blooms, smile blooming spring" is held across Pixiv services! By submitting a work, 2020 participants will win Amazon gift codes by lottery.
Pixiv Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Shingo Kunieda) posts illustrations, manga, and novel work posting on platform "pixiv", drawing communication platform "pixiv Sketch", and post created 3D character models and others From March 31, 2020 (Tuesday), we will be holding a "Smile" theme recruiting project "SMILE BLOOM PROJECT-Sakura blooming, smile blooming spring-" on the platform "VRoid Hub" that can be shared with other users.

The theme of "SMILE BLOOM PROJECT-Sakura Blooming, Smile Blooming Spring-" includes the desire of everyone who loves creative activities to "smile".

In order to realize our corporate mission of “MAKE CREATIVITIES MORE ENJOYABLE” we will continue to carry out projects that will encourage users to enjoy creating.

■ About participating in project "SMILE BLOOM PROJECT-Sakura blooming, Smile blooming spring-":

March 31 (Tue)-April 15 (Wed) 23:59 2020 GMT+9

Participation method:
Please read the application guidelines on the special page of each service, and post an original artwork on the theme of "smile" with the following specified tag in each service.

Common specification tag: SMILEBLOOM

・ Illustration section
Participation is possible in all formats, illustrations, manga,Ugoira.
There is no specification of the size of the web post image.

・ Novel section
The minimum number of characters is 500 or more, and there is no upper limit.
In addition to the main theme "smile", select one or more of the following keywords and use it as a sub-theme for your work.

● Novel section sub theme
Spring / Sakura / Love / Dream / Graduation / Enrollment / Friendship / Family / Small happiness / Delicious food.

◆ pixiv Sketch
Participation is possible by posting illustrations using any of the following methods. -Use the redraw function provided by pixiv Sketch to draw and post illustrations on the specified template
・ Download the specified template, draw illustrations using paint software and submit
・ Draw illustrations on the printout of the specified template, shoot and post the work
・ Freely draw and post illustrations (free size).

◆ VRoid Hub
Take and create a 3D character photo image and upload it to VRoid Hub.
Please select "SMILE BLOOM PROJECT" in the event field.

[Post format]
Web posting image size: The size at the time of posting is free.
Number of posts: One or more works can be submitted
* However, the same work cannot be submitted more than once.
* Even if you submit more than one work, you will only be able to win a present once per person.

[Winner selection method]
pixiv, pixiv Sketch, VRoid Hub, and all entries submitted to each service will determine the winners by lottery.

[ Prize ]
Amazon gift code 1,000 JPY (2020 people)

* Those who live outside Japan can also participate, but the Amazon gift code given to you when you win will be available only in Japan. If you live outside of Japan, you will receive a 1,000 yen deducted remittance fee from another service. The currency for remittance will be Japanese yen.

* Winners' announcements will be replaced by the delivery of prizes (scheduled for May 2020).
After the application period ends, only the winners will be contacted by the pixiv secretariat and the official account of pixiv-related services. Please note that prizes may not be awarded if you do not respond within the specified time period after contacting us.

Please read the application guidelines on the following service special pages when submitting.
We look forward to your application.

[Special page for each service]
◆ pixiv (illustration section) https://www.pixiv.net/contest/smilebloom
◆ pixiv (Novel section) https://www.pixiv.net/novel/contest/smilebloom
◆ pixiv Sketch https://sketch.pixiv.net/items/8012438828666524657
◆ VRoid Hub https://hub.vroid.com/events/smilebloom
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