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The term conversion feature for reference materials of novel series was officially released

Greetings from pixiv.

On April 16, 2020, the term conversion feature for novels was released on the mobile version and desktop version of pixiv.

The feature is being tested until April 27, 2020 (16:00 JST), and we have already received many positive comments and requests to extend the trial period. For this reason, we have decided to increase the number of series supporting term conversion from 20 to 50 and officially release the feature.

We are also examining the requests for improvement to the feature that have been sent to us through the questionnaires and we'll consider their implementation while observing how the feature is being used.

About term conversion
It is a feature to allow other users to convert a term registered in the reference materials of a novel into another word at once throughout the novel. Term conversion can be set up for up to 10 terms per series.

You cannot allow term conversion for series created by other users.
You need to log in with your pixiv account to use term conversion.

How to use term conversion
■ How to set up term conversion
When creating/editing terms from the reference materials tab on the novel series details page, you can select whether to allow term conversion.

Check the Help page for details on how to set up term conversion.

■ How to view works supporting term conversion
Works supporting term conversion display the Convert terms button on the work details page. Readers can set the text to be converted for each term, and the same term will be converted at once throughout the novel.

Check the Help page for details on how to view works supporting term conversion

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