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Identity V 2nd Anniversary Illustration Contest begins

Hello everyone,

We are kicking off Identity V 2nd Anniversary Illustration Contest on April 20th, 2020.(UTC+9)

「Identity V 2nd Anniversary Illustration Contest」 begins

▼About IdentityⅤとは
Identity V is an asymmetrical multiplayer game developed by the Chinese company NetEase Games. Its gothic art style, grotesque sceneries and mysterious storylines will bring players an unprecedented, breathtaking experience.
You're asked to investigate a certain disappearance case under detective Orpheus. Players can be hunters or survivors, reliving the strange event through Orpheus's profiling skills. As the story goes on, the truth becomes clearer and clearer...

Official Website:https://idv.163.com/

【Contest Period】
2020/04/20 (Monday) ~2020/06/05 (Friday) 23:59 (UTC+09:00)

【How to participate?】
Please upload artwork according to the category that you would like to enter and include the designated hashtag in your submission.

1.FanArt Category
Please draw freely any illustrations with the theme of characters appearing in the game Identity V
Designated hashtag:IdentityV2周年イラコンFA

2.Chinese Style Design Caterogy
Please design Chinese Style Skin Design for the characters that appearing in the game Identity V
Designated hashtag:IdentityV2周年イラコン中華風礼装

There are no restrictions on the number of artworks an applicant can submit. However, please do not submit multiple postings for the same artwork.
There is no restriction on the size of the artwork.

【Contest prizes】
FanArt Category
Excellence Award(1 winner)
・Prize money:500,000 yen

Gold Award(2 winners)
・Prize money:150,000 yen

Silver Award(3 winners)
・Prize money:100,000 yen

Chinese Style Design Caterogy
Excellence Award(1 winner)
・Prize money:200,000 yen

Gold Award(1 winner)
・Prize money:100,000 yen

Silver Award(3 winners)
・Prize money:50,000 yen

Both Categories
pixiv People's Choice Award (100 winners from both categories)
・Prize: In-game Portrait Frame (limited design for this award only.)

※Portraits and portrait frames are images used in the game's user profile page. Portraits acquired in the game can be changed according to the user's preference, and portrait frames are decorative items used to showcase the user's profile to friends and other players.

※All winning illustrations may be used for these purposes or on these platforms: printed on goods, publication, in-game use, uploaded or used on the official website and official SNS accounts in order to promote Sengoku Fubu, media, and merchandising. On each occasion, please understand that your illustration may be cut or altered.

※Overseas participants are welcome to join this contest. For winners who are from overseas, it is possible for the prize money to be transferred to an overseas account. However, the prize money that you receive may differ from the amount listed above due to remittance fees.

Contest Overview
Contest Entries List
Official Website

Please be sure to read the application guidelines on the “Contest Entries List” page for more details.

We look forward to your application!
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