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Original Character Posting Event "pixiv evolution" is underway!

pixiv Team here,

オリジナルキャラクター投稿企画「pixiv evolution」開催
From April 22, 2020 (Wednesday), Original Character Posting Event "pixiv evolution" is open!

▼ What is "pixiv evolution"?

There are three eggs in front of you.
Create and evolve the creature born from this egg freely and creatively!
You can create your original creature, evolve someone else's original creature and more...the choice is up to you!


This event will gather fantastic original characters from these three eggs. Under our thoughts of "Make home-time more creative", we wanted to provide a place to create for pixiv's users to join and have fun. Thus, this creation event is being held!

There are no restriction on colors, appearance, nor shape.
Please enjoy by imagining and creating with your friends and family what kind of creature will come to this world!

Choose one of the three eggs of your liking, imagine the creature that will be born from the egg, and post the illustration of your original character!
Otherwise, post the illustration of someone else's creature that you evolved!

This event allows other participants' works to become an inspiration of your character, which original elements are added.
This event allows for you to evolve other participants' works, by adding original elements, and post as your work as derivative work. In order to create with joy, please follow the instructions below.

・Do not post other's works as your own work.
・Do not use the character in a way that will devalue the original content.
・Do not evolve characters in a way that will offend or harm others.

Event Schedule
April 22, 2020 (Wednesday) ~ May 22, 2020 (Friday) 23:59 (JST)

Tag: pixivevolution

Entry format
Participation is available in all forms of illustration, manga, and animated illustration.
There are no specification on the size of the image posted.

Excellence Award(10 Winner)
・Publish on pixivision
・Prize of Amazon gift code of 10,000yen worth

Evolution Award(Few Winners)
・Prize of 3 months worth of pixiv Premium

Event Catalogue
Participated Works Page

Please refer for details on participation requirements on the Participated Works Page.
We look forward for your participation!
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