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「Arknights Battle Illustration Contest」begins

「Arknights Battle Illustration Contest」begins

Hello everyone,

We are kicking off 「Arknights Battle Illustration Contest」on April 24th, 2020(Friday).

▼About the game Arknights
Arknights is a full-fledged tower defense game depicting a battle around “originium”, a mineral left behind by Catastrophes, and the infected, idiosyncratic entities born from the illness spreading from the ore. The magnificent and overwhelming setting is colored by beautiful illustrations and characters voiced by skilled voice actors.

Official Website
Official Twitter

Draw and post illustrations featuring operators appearing in the game Arknights.

【About Raid Battle】
■How to enter
1.Draw and post illustrations featuring operators appearing in the game Arknights.
When posting your work, please include the official contest tag and the tag of the faction to which your operator belongs.
2. Every day at 12:00 p.m. JST, damage will be inflicted on the enemy corresponding to the total number of views on the participating works.
3. When the enemy's HP reaches zero, the stage is cleared! You will move on to the next stage.

Let's work towards clearing all the stages!

* Official contest tag: ""アークナイツバトルイラコン""

* Faction tags:
1. Rhodes Island: tag ""ロドス""
2. Lungmen: tag ""龍門""
3. Rhine Lab: tag ""ライン生命""
4. Penguin Logistics: tag ""ペンギン急便""
5. Karlan Trade: tag ""カランド貿易""
6. Ursus Student Self-government Group: tag ""ウルサス学生自治団""
7. BSW (BlackSteel Worldwide): tag ""BSW""
8. Other factions: tag ""他勢力""

At the end of each stage, the work that has contributed the most to each faction will be regarded as each faction's MVP.

* However, once a work becomes the MVP, the author shall be excluded from other MVP selections.
* If you post a work featuring operators of multiple factions, we will prioritize the faction tag that was added first.
* To learn which faction your operator belongs to, please refer to the in-game illustrated guide or to each operator's profile. If the faction to which your operator belongs to remains unclear, please include the tag for either ""他勢力"" or ""ロドス"".

・ It may take some time to count the total number of views.
・ The number of views is counted only for illustrations with the contest tags.
・ Works without a faction tag will be counted if they include the official contest tag.
・ If you add the official contest tag at a later date, the number of views from the period preceding the inclusion of the tag will not be counted.
・ Once the enemy's HP reaches zero, any residual damage will be carried over to the next foe.

【Contest Period】
2020/04/24 (Friday) ~2020/06/07 (Sunday) 23:59 (UTC+09:00)

There are no restrictions on the number of artworks an applicant can submit. However, please do not submit multiple postings for the same artwork.
There is no restriction on the size of the artwork.

First Prize (2 winners)
・Prize: 300,000 JPY

Award of Excellence (3 winners)
・Prize: 100,000 JPY

Honorable Mention (5 winners)
・Prize: 50,000 JPY

Special Prize (3 winners)
・Prize: 100,000 JPY

* All winning illustrations may be used for exhibitions, printed materials, and goods related to Arknights.

* The winners may be introduced to Yostar, the developer Hypergryph Co., ltd., or pixiv Inc. for other future projects.

* Overseas applicants are welcome. The award money can be transferred to an overseas account, but please note that the amount you receive may differ from the one advertised because of remittance fees, etc.

Contest Overview
Contest Entries List
Official Website

Please be sure to read the application guidelines on the “Contest Entries List” page for more details.

We look forward to your application!
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