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The number of registered users on pixiv has surpassed 50 million!
May 27, 2020
Greetings from pixiv.

We are glad to announce that on April 28, 2020 (4614 days after the birth of pixiv), the number of registered users on pixiv exceeded 50 million.

When pixiv was first launched, the majority of posts on the service were the work of Japanese users. However, in the past two years in particular, the number of contributions from international users has increased significantly, and now over 40% of all active users are from countries other than Japan.
The number of posts on pixiv, by both Japanese and international users, has been increasing: a witness of everybody's growing enthusiasm towards creative activities.

On pixiv, users come together through their works and find a common ground where they can be united by their shared tastes and passions; this promotes empathy in a variety of situations. pixiv thrives on the feelings of creators, who never stop contributing with new works, and of all fans who love and appreciate art. It's because of this empathy and these feelings that pixiv continues to be an exciting space where everybody can enjoy creative activities.

In the turmoil of recent years, the environment surrounding many creators and those who support their activities has changed drastically. At pixiv, we will continue to support our creators' work to keep the fire of creativity burning.

Thank you for your patronage with pixiv.
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