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pixiv's High Schoolers Illustration Contest 2020 is underway!

Greetings from pixiv.
pixiv's High Schoolers Illustration Contest 2020 will be held from July 31 (Fri).

▼About pixiv's High Schoolers Illustration Contest 2020
This is an illustration contest for high school students who aspire to shine in the front line as illustrators. Every year, we invite illustrators to draw art based on a certain theme and award the contest prizes through a rigorous judging process. The purpose of this contest is to create a situation where the creators of the next generation can grasp the potential of their work. Participation is open to every high school student (*1) registered on pixiv.

Entries page: https://www.pixiv.net/contest/highschool2020
* Participants must be enrolled in a high school or equivalent at the time of submission, or be between the ages of 15 and 18.

Contest Period
From July 31, 2020 (Fri) to September 13, 2020 (Sun) 23:59 JST

Freely draw an illustration based on the theme "festival".

How to Participate
You must upload the illustration to pixiv and attach the proper contest tag to enter.
Tag: pixiv高校生イラコン2020
* This contest is also open to overseas applicants. The prize money can be transferred to an overseas account, but the amount that the winner receives may differ from the amount listed above due to remittance fees.

Entry Format
No. of entries: There are no restrictions on the number of artworks an applicant can submit. However, please do not submit multiple postings of the same artwork.
There are no restrictions on the size of the artwork for web submission.
* However, winners are required to submit the data of their artworks in PSD format, 350dpi, shorter side 2,508 pixels or larger.

・First Prize (1 winner)
 Prize: 100,000 JPY
・Illustrators Jury Awards (6 winners)
 Amazon gift card (20,000 JPY)

・First Prize (1 winner)
 Prize: 100,000 JPY
・Illustrators Jury Awards (6 winners)
 Amazon gift card (20,000 JPY)

▼Illustrators Jury

Naoki Saito

Masayoshi Tanaka


Seiji Yoshida

Mai Yoneyama


▼ Corporate Awards (10 winners)
■ Elecom Award / ELECOM CO.,LTD
・MOH-AN01DOG Animal Palm Rest
・HCM-GE10SNV Eclear HOT & COOL Eye Mask
・LBT-TWS05BK Fully Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
・Paper-like Film Comparison Set
 * One piece of fine quality paper-type film and one piece of Kent paper-type film will be provided in accordance with your device (only available for iPad and Wacom models).

■ KADOKAWA Kitora Award / KADOKAWA Kitora editorial dept.
・20,000 JPY Amazon gift card
・2 books about illustration (Toshi's "Kamiaza Sakuga (Divine Drawing Techniques)" and Torako's "Irasuto de Okane wo Umidasu Hiketsu (The Secret to Generating Money through Illustration)")
・3 art books ("Megalophilia: Monokubo's Works", Avogado6's "Jōei", "Yūgai Chōjū Gokuhi Hōkoku-sho - Toy(e) Art File")

 If you already own the software: 20,000 GOLD
 The software is available in Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, German, French, or Spanish, depending on the language of the award winner.

■ CHUNITHM Award / SEGA Corporation
・CHUNITHM Visual Collection
・Game Gear Micro (Black)

■ SoftBank SELECTION Award / SoftBank SELECTION
・QCY M1Pro (BluetoothEarphones)
・SoftBank SELECTION Wireless Charging Base for iPhone/Android™

■ GLIDiC Award / GLIDiC
・GLIDiC Sound Air TW-5000s (Fully Wireless Earphones)

■ Doga Kobo Award / Doga Kobo, Inc.
・Doga Kobo's Original Project "BREETSCHLAG" Set

■ Copic Award / Too Marker Products Inc.
・Copic Sketch - Basic 72-color set
・Copic Sketchbook L

■ Monster Strike Award / Monster Strike
・AVIOT x Monster Strike Wireless Earphones TE-BD21f-LF Lucifer (Limited Edition)

■ Wacom Award / Wacom Inc.
・Wacom One LCD Pen Tablet 13

Eligible Participants
・This contest is open to all registered pixiv users who have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.
 * Entries from companies and multiple creators will not be accepted.
・You must be enrolled in a high school or equivalent at the time of submission, or be between the ages of 15 and 18.
 * Underage contestants should obtain parental consent before entering.
 * You may be asked to submit your ID or student ID for age verification.

◆Contest Overview
◆Entry Page

Please check the Application Guidelines on the contest's Entry page for more details.
We are looking forward to receiving your submissions!
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