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[IMPORTANT] Change your password to a secure one

Greetings from pixiv.

From August 17, 2020, some accounts will be prompted to change their passwords after logging in to pixiv and related services, as shown below.

[Password change prompt]

・Desktop version

・Mobile version

[If you are prompted to change your password]

If you see this prompt, it means that our system detected that the password you set for your account may be easily guessed by a third party and is likely to be used for unauthorized access.
To protect your precious account, follow the instructions on the page, and change your password.

When you change your password, please refer to the article "How can I set up a secure password?" in the Help section.

[You may become unable to log in to pixiv in the future]

For security reasons, it will no longer be possible to log in to pixiv with a password that can be easily guessed by a third party, such as one that is already in use for other services or that does not feature any combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers or symbols.
You will be notified of the expiration date of your current password separately, as soon as it is decided.

We will continue to strengthen our measures to protect your precious works and accounts and to reduce the damage caused by unauthorized access to pixiv.

Thank you for your patronage with pixiv.
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