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The new Dashboard for creators to be available soon

Greetings from pixiv.

We would like to thank you for the many questions and for the feedback we have received about the Dashboard feature that was announced recently. As the new feature will be available to some users starting from August 12, 2020 (Wednesday), we would like to reiterate our thoughts on the development of the Dashboard and its features.

Introducing the Dashboard

The Dashboard is a feature thought for creators. Our goal is to deliver a "creative hub" that enhances the charm of each creator's works and provides new discoveries and enjoyment to be found at every visit.
The old work management page did not provide creators with information other than the number of reactions to each work they posted, but from now on, you will be able to easily check a wide range of data which is difficult to grasp from the number of reactions alone, such as the number of views and comments.
We want to make the hard work behind creative activities as valuable as possible. This is why we would like to support the work of creators by providing valuable information from the work management page.

■ Real-time display of the response to your work

In addition to bookmarks, you can now see the number of likes, comments and views on your latest posts. Also, the number is updated in real-time, making it easier to see how your work has grown and reached your audience since you last logged in.

The "Trending works" section will let you know which of the works you posted in the past are being seen and appreciated by others.

■ More display features

You can now customize which works are displayed on your Dashboard. Being able to manage your works by tags, and to sort series of works in the same way as individual works, means it will be easier to analyze the reactions to your works in a more cross-sectional and three-dimensional way.

Future development

We know that many creators will have a hard time getting used to the changes in the management page they had been familiar with for a long time, but we hope that everyone will find a way to use the new Dashboard in accordance to their creative styles.

pixiv's mission is to "build an exciting space for you to enjoy creative activities", and we'll be open to your feedback on the new Dashboard as we aim to provide you with an even better creative experience.

Thank you for your continued patronage with pixiv.
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