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September 3, 2020
External service linkage to enable pixiv creators to publish their works outside Japan
September 3, 2020
Greetings from pixiv.

As we will soon release an external service linkage feature that will allow pixiv works to be posted on services outside Japan, we will also post an update on the internationalization of pixiv in recent years.

About international pixiv users
On April 28, 2020, pixiv exceeded 50 million registered users. The past two years have seen a remarkable increase in the number of international users, who now represent over 40% of all users.

With the increase of multilingual comments, we have seen progressive globalization of the creators' fan bases. Over the past few years, Japanese content like anime, manga and games has been spreading all over the world, and many creators have been expanding globally as well.

pixiv's efforts towards internationalization

In response to the recent increase in requests from pixiv creators who wish to deliver their works outside of Japan, we have been working on the following:

- Support for four languages: English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese
- Release of a feature that allows users to suggest translations for pixiv work tags
- Revision of pixiv's Privacy Policy in line with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
- Addition of title and caption translations to illustrations, for English-speaking audiences.

In order to make it easier for creators to deliver their work to people in other regions, we will cross the limitations of our service and start providing external service linkage.

About external service linkage
With external service linkage, users are able to publish their work on connected overseas services. Users are free to choose whether or not to publish their illustrations on services outside Japan.

■ You can decide whether or not to publish each of your works

* In addition to the simultaneous posting to social media feature, already available on pixiv, we have also added the external service linkage feature to post content to services outside Japan.

* We will continue to provide the Twitter simultaneous posting feature and the way you manage it will not change.

First stage: external service linkage with Tumeng is underway
As the first step in this project, we have decided to collaborate with Tumeng, a new illustration service that will be soon be released in China, in order to deliver creators' work to as many people as possible.

Tumeng is a new illustration posting service provided by Beijing Lanwan Boyue Technology Co., Ltd. (北京蓝湾博阅科技有限公司, CEO: Lu Haizhou, Location: Beijing), the company that runs the novel service "Bikan" in mainland China, which has more than 10 million users per month.

Tumeng shares pixiv's corporate philosophy to "create an exciting space for creators to enjoy creative activities", and this brought the decision to develop a new connection between Tumeng and pixiv.

■ A page on Tumeng


About Tumeng
When you select "Tumeng linkage" on the external service linkage page, a linked account will be created in Tumeng. You can then choose whether or not to publish your illustrations on the service.

* If you do not choose to link your work, it will not be posted on Tumeng.
* If you unlink Tumeng, all linked works and linked accounts will be deleted from Tumeng.

You will be able to check the number of likes and comments by Tumeng users for the artwork that you have decided to post there via the external service linkage page. Changes you make on pixiv will also be synchronized.

The following information will be shared with Tumeng.
・User ID (an automatically issued number that is displayed at the end of the URL on your profile page)
・Nickname and self-introduction
・Profile images

When you post your work on Tumeng, the following information for each of the works you've selected will be shared with the service.
・Work ID (an automatically issued number at the end of the work page URL for each artwork)
・Image, title, caption, and tags
・Number of comments, bookmarks, and likes on your work

■ You can opt in to linking your work to Tumeng (off by default)

About Tumeng's work screening and reproduction, work copyrights
All illustrations will be reviewed by Tumeng and will be published in accordance with Tumeng's guidelines.

■ An image of the status of your work on Tumeng.

The copyright of any work published on Tumeng belongs to the creator. If a work is found to have been reposted on another site without permission, the Tumeng team will take action through a specialized law firm.

If you find that one of the works you have published to Tumeng has been reposted elsewhere, please contact us through the "About external linkage service" section of pixiv's Contact Us page.

As our corporate mission is to "create an exciting space for creators to enjoy creative activities", pixiv will continue to support creators so that they can safely and securely deliver their works to the world.

* All images in this announcement represent pages that are currently under development. The final version at the time of release may differ.

Past announcements about pixiv's efforts towards internationalization
Release of a service letting all users suggest translations for tags on pixiv. (English, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Korean)

pixiv's Privacy Policy were revised on May 25 2018 in conformity to EU GDPR

A trial feature to add English translations to titles and captions on the illustration posting page was introduced on the desktop version of pixiv
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