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We’re enabling pixiv creators to publish their works outside Japan via linked services

Greetings from pixiv.

The previously announced external service linkage, called “Tumeng Linkage”, will be released on September 17th, 2020. This will enable creators to broaden the reach of their work.

To find out more about this service, or about Tumeng, read this announcement.

We will now explain how to use this new service.

Introducing: Linked services

pixiv’s “Linked services” is a new feature that adds the possibility of posting your works on connected overseas services to the already existing pixiv’s simultaneous social media posting feature. We will be starting with the previously announced service “Tumeng”.

Every creator can choose whether or not to link their account, as well as whether to post via the linkage for each individual work. The linkage with Tumeng will be available for just illustrations to start.

* If you choose not to link your work, it will not be posted on other media.
* We will continue to provide the Twitter simultaneous posting feature and the way you manage it will not change.

How to use “Tumeng linkage”
Here is a guide on how to use the linkage to Tumeng.

① Turn on the linkage settings and create an account on Tumeng
There are two ways to link your pixiv to Tumeng:

・From your account settings, go to “Linked services” and turn on “Tumeng linkage”.
・When posting an illustration to pixiv, select “Post to Tumeng”.

When you set up Tumeng linkage, your pixiv nickname, user icon, and self introduction will all be visible on Tumeng. Changes you make on pixiv will also be synchronized. Changes may take some time to be synchronised.

Setting up external service linkage from your account settings

Setting up linkage when posting an illustration

* Even if you set up a link service, your works will not be posted on external sites unless you explicitly choose to post them.
* Please refer to the previous announcement for the information shared with Tumeng when linking your profile.

② Choose what you want to make public
You can decide whether or not to publish each of your works to Tumeng.
There are two ways to publish your works:

Adding to Tumeng illustrations that have already been posted to pixiv
Go to your account settings, open “Linked services” to view “Tumeng linkage”, select “Check details”, and then “Manage Tumeng linkage” to check which works you wish to publish.

Posting new work to pixiv and Tumeng simultaneously
When posting an illustration to pixiv, select “Post to Tumeng”.

After your work has been set up for publication, it will be reviewed by Tumeng and published in accordance with Tumeng’s Guidelines.

* Changes made on pixiv will be synchronized with your Tumeng posts. Changes may take some time to be synchronised.
* Please check this announcement for information on the works shared on Tumeng.

You can check the number of followers you have on your linked account, as well as the number of likes, bookmarks, and comments on posted works by going to the “Manage Tumeng linkage” page. To get an idea of what your Tumeng post will look like, please check the “Preview Feature”.

■ Preview Feature

For more information about external service linkage and Tumeng linkage, please refer to this Help page. If you’re in need of assistance, please contact us through the "About External Linkage Service" section of pixiv's Contact Us page.

As our corporate mission is to "create an exciting space for creators to enjoy creative activities", pixiv will continue to support creators so that they can safely and securely deliver their works to the world.

Thank you for your patronage with pixiv.

Past announcements about external service linkage
External service linkage to enable pixiv creators to publish their works outside Japan (published on 9/03/2020)
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