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November 9, 2020
To celebrate the release of the "Search by language" feature for novels, we're holding a traditional Chinese novel contest!
November 9, 2020

Greetings from pixiv.

Starting from November 9, you can search for novels by their language on the mobile and desktop versions of pixiv. To commemorate the release, we are holding the "Hot Taiwan Taste 2" contest for novels in traditional Chinese.

About the "Search by language" feature
You can now filter works by language in the novels' search options. Use this feature to find novels in your language of choice more quickly and easily.
For more information on how to search by language, please see the Help page.

You can set a novel's language when you submit your work. The language can be detected automatically or manually set to 23 different languages.
The results of the automatic detection of previously submitted novels are registered in the "Work language" section.
For more information on how to set a language for your work, please see the Help page.

In the future, we plan to extend the "Search by language" feature to manga works as well.

The Traditional Chinese novel contest, "Hot Taiwan Taste 2"

In collaboration with two Taipei-based publishing companies, Rusuban Studio and Kiwi Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd., we are holding a short story writing contest in Traditional Chinese. Rather than the winning work receiving prize money, the two companies guarantee that the stories will be published in a compilation.

■ Contest Period
From November 9th, 2020 (Mon) ~ January 29th, 2021 (Fri) at 23:59 *GMT+8

■ Entry Divisions
Rusuban Division: BL Novels
Kimi Division: Yuri / GL, as well as fantasy novels

■ How to Participate
Using the assigned theme of "Tapioca Milk Tea", users should write a short story (between 5,000 and 8,000 characters) within their decided division and post it to pixiv Novels using the tags decided by the division.
* For more details about the main contest, please check the page below.
Hot Taiwan Taste 2 Novel Contest

At pixiv, our mission is "to build an exciting space for you to enjoy creative activities", and we support people's creative activities around the world. pixiv is continuously developing new services and features to support the passions of creators and their fans.

We're looking forward to your participation.
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