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New convenient pixiv Premium plans were added to the iOS pixiv app.
November 26, 2020

Greetings from pixiv.

Convenient 3, 6, and 12-month plans were added to the iOS pixiv app.
Now you can save up to 23% on your pixiv Premium subscription.
* Version 7.10.0 or later of the iOS app is required.

◆pixiv Premium prices * For iOS only
12-month plan: 45.99 USD (23% OFF! 3.83 USD/month)
6-month plan: 24.99 USD (16% OFF! 4.17 USD/month)
3-month plan: 13.49 USD (9% OFF! 4.50 USD/month)
1-month plan: 4.99 USD

◆How to register to pixiv Premium
From the pixiv iOS app > "My Page" > "Become a pixiv Premium member" > "Register for pixiv Premium" > select a plan > "Register for pixiv Premium"

◆How to change your plan
From the pixiv iOS app > "My Page" > "List of pixiv Premium features" > "See other plans" > select a plan > "Change plan"
* Only available for users who have registered for pixiv Premium with App Store payments.

・This offer is only available for App Store payments.
・On the day your pixiv Premium subscription expires, your plan will auto-renew and you will be charged for the plan for which you registered.
If you wish to stop auto-renewal, please make sure to unsubscribe from pixiv Premium more than 24 hours before your subscription expires.
・If you change your plan while registered to pixiv premium on App Store, the new plan will be applied from the next renewal date.
・The currency displayed will change according to the country/region of your Apple ID.
・The discount rate displayed may change according to the country/region of your Apple ID and the period you subscribed to pixiv Premium.

We hope you'll take this chance to enjoy pixiv Premium while saving.

We're looking forward to your future patronage with pixiv.
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