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You can now see who's taking on requests on multiple pages

Greetings from pixiv.

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This is an announcement regarding our Requests feature.

On March 9th, 2021, creators who have set Request terms will have "Accepting requests" display next to their name on multiple pages within pixiv, starting with their profile page.

Before this update, information on whether a creator was accepting requests or not could only be verified on their profile page. Making it visible on multiple pages will make it easier to know who is accepting requests.

■ Where the icon is displayed

・Profile pages: next to their name

・On work pages: under their name

・On Recommended users: under their name

・On their profile preview: under their name

・Among the users you're following: under their name

* These changes will be reflected in the next update.

pixiv Requests is continuously developing new services and features to support the passions of creators and their fans.

Thank you for using pixiv Requests.
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