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You can now use the Term Conversion feature when reading novels on the pixiv app

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The Term Conversion feature was added to the pixiv app for novel reading on April 27th, 2021. When Term Conversion is enabled for words in a work's reference materials, you can change the words of a work to whatever you like.

How to read works with modified terms:
・Open a series work with Term Conversion enabled, then tap "Convert terms" under the cover image

・Enter the words you'd like the terms to be changed to, and then tap "Apply and start reading". (If you leave a term blank, it won't be converted)

・The terms from the text will be converted.

* If you'd like to enable Term Conversion for your own work, you'll need to set it on the mobile or desktop versions of pixiv. For details, please check the FAQ.

* If the person who posted the work doesn't have Term Conversion enabled, this feature cannot be used.

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