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Blue Archive Illustration Contest starting soon

Greetings from pixiv.

The Blue Archive Illustration Contest will start on May 2nd, 2021 (Sun).

▼About Blue Archive
Blue Archive is a social game run by Yostar and developed by NAT Games with the theme School x Adolescence x Tale.
Kivotos is a college town, with hundreds of different schools. The activities depicted in the story center around Schale, a Federal Bureau of Investigation, to solve various accidents and events happen in the town.
You, the player, serve as an advising instructor within Schale, get closer to the students within Schale, increase your trust, and solve the problems plaguing Kivotos.


○Contest Period
From May 2nd, 2021 (Sun) to June 13th, 2021 (Sun) at 11:59 pm JST

Draw illustrations of one or more characters from the game, Blue Archive.

○How to Participate
This contest has two types of tag: the general contest tag, and school-related tags for the schools the characters you draw are affiliated with. Make sure you tag your illustrations with both the contest and the appropriate school tag.

・Contest tag:

・Any of the following school tags:
#アビドス高等学校 (Abydos)
#ゲヘナ学園 (Gehenna)
#トリニティ総合学園 (Trinity)
#ミレニアムサイエンススクール (Millennium)
#山海経高級中学校 (Shanhaijing)
#百鬼夜行連合学院 (Hyakkiyako)
#レッドウィンター連邦学園 (Red Winter)

* The English names are purely for reference and should not be included in the tags.
* When posting an illustration with characters from multiple schools, the school tag that comes first will be prioritized.

○Entry requirements
Feel free to post more than 1 entry. (However, you cannot post the same work more than once)
There are no restrictions on the size of the artwork for web submission.

* However, please note that winners will be required to submit the data for their work in the following format: in A3 size (3508 x 4961 px) and as a PSD file in CMYK color mode. Both landscape and portrait artworks are accepted.

○Contest prizes:
First prize (2 winners)
Prize money: 300,000 JPY (approx. 3000 USD)

Award of Excellence (3 winners)
Prize money: 100,000 JPY (approx. 1000 USD)

School Award (1 winner per school)
Prize money: 70,000 JPY (approx. 700 USD)

* All winning artworks may be used for exhibits, printed media, and sales-related goods for Blue Archive.

* International applicants are also welcome. Prize money can be sent to foreign bank accounts. However, please note that due to remittance fees and taxes, there is a possibility that the received amount may differ from the amount stated above.

Contest Overview
Contest Page
Official Website

Please check the Application Guidelines on the Contest Page at the time of submission.

We look forward to seeing everyone's entries!
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