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The Terms of Use for pixiv Requests have been revised
May 6, 2021
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In order to ease the communication between creators and fans, Articles 11.1 and 16 have been added to the Terms of Use for pixiv Requests.

pixiv Requests Terms of Use:

■ Revised:

May 13th, 2021

■ Revisions:

Article 11 Responsibilities of Fans
1. Fans may not, in any way, instruct Creators to redo, modify or add to the contents of a Request Reward ("Retake"). Fans can only send requests to Creators at the time of sending Requests, and may not send individual requests related to Retakes to Creators using the Request function or other means of communication such as pixiv messages. In addition, Creators are not obligated to confirm or respond to individual requests from Fans other than when sending a request for a Request Reward.

(Paragraphs 2 to 4 below are as per the existing terms and conditions)

2. Fans are not entitled to have interactions with Creators, in connection with or through use of the Request Function, if such interactions are not directly related to the content of Request Rewards of which said Fans have requested creation from such Creators on the Request Function.
3. Fans shall, under their own responsibility and cost burden, manage and retain the posted information for Requests they have transmitted.
4. Fans shall personally preserve Request Rewards received from Creators, by backing up such Request Rewards as appropriate or by other such method. The Company is not responsible for providing data storage or the like for Request Rewards, and in no way guarantees that data storage or the like will be performed for Request Rewards.

Article 16 Monitoring of the Request Function by the Company
The Company and the third party who is entrusted by the Company to perform the minimum necessary work for the monitoring set forth in this section under a confidentiality agreement with the Company regarding the protection of the User's information shall monitor the Site to ensure that no information is posted or transmitted on the Site that violates these Specific Terms, that no Request Reward that violates these Specific Terms is provided, and that the Creator and the Creator's personal information is not disclosed. For the purpose of investigating whether information is being posted or transmitted on the Site that violates the Specific Terms, whether request rewards that violate the Specific Terms are being provided, whether creators and fans are complying with laws and regulations, and whether this function is being provided to users in accordance with the Request Function Agreement, the third party performing the work will monitor the information posted and request rewards related to the Request Function on the Site through mechanical filtering. If any of the prohibited acts in the Request Function Agreement is confirmed, the company may take measures such as canceling the request contract as stipulated in Article 13, Paragraph 4. The period of use of the information acquired in accordance with this article shall be one year after the request is sent.
If you have any questions about the information we obtain for the above purposes, please contact us at the following address.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
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