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Regarding updates to the “BOOTH” Individual Terms of Use
May 24, 2021
Greetings from BOOTH.
Thank you for using BOOTH.

The “BOOTH” Individual Terms of Use will be updated on May 31st, 2021 (Mon).

◼︎ In effect from:
May 31st, 2021

◼︎ Updated articles
In order to make them easier to understand, we are updating the Terms of Use articles listed below. These articles are in regards to payments and the contract defintitions for BOOTH.
・Article 4, "Use of the Individual Service and User Responsibilities" was updated so that the contract stipulated between Shop owner and User is easier to understand.
・Article 10, "Payment of Sales Revenues to Shop Owners" was updated so that the handling of the amount that the User pays when purchasing a product from the Shop owner, and the relation between User and the Company, are easier to understand.
・Other minor fixes to articles numbers were made.

◼︎ Updated Terms of Use for BOOTH

If you continue to use BOOTH, please note that the new Terms of Use will apply from the day they come into effect.

If you have any questions about these changes, please feel free to reach out to us via the following inquiry form:
Inquiry Form

We are looking forward to your continued support of BOOTH.
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