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The new Bookmarks page is ready

Greetings from pixiv.
Thank you for using our service.

In July 2021, the total number of registered users on pixiv exceeded 71 million worldwide, with more than 13 billion Bookmarks.

As a result, last month we announced that the Bookmarks page was getting an update, mainly to reduce the server load and continue presenting you the best service possible.
Today, we are announcing that the changes we presented in that article have all been implemented.

The renaming Bookmarks feature has returned with updates

As a result of this support, the "Rewrite Bookmark Tags" function has been temporarily suspended on the desktop version of pixiv, but now that the support has been completed, the function will resume on September 27, 2021.

In the future, it will be possible to rewrite common tags attached to multiple bookmarks at once, making it easier to organize bookmark tags.

As previously announced, lowercase and uppercase letters of the alphabet and some pictograms were not distinguishable, but now they will be distinguished as different characters.
In addition, please use this feature to organize your bookmark tags.

In the past, if you bookmarked a large number of illustrations, you may be restricted from rewriting tags, but from now on you can use tags without restriction.

You can rewrite tags from [Manage Tags] in the bookmark tag list on the bookmarks page.

Improvement in the time for filtering tags
On the desktop, mobile, and app versions of pixiv, when you had more than one bookmark tag attached to the same artwork, and you wanted to search for it filtering the tags, the search results used to take some time to display.

With the latest changes, we were able to improve the search performance, making it faster.

Removed limit for filtering tagsfilter
On the desktop version, we removed the max limit for filtering bookmark tags.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience these changes may have brought about.

We will keep striving to present you the best experience possible.

Thank you for your continued patronage with pixiv.
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