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The Requests feature is now one year old! And now you can set multiple sets of Terms

Greetings from pixiv.

Requesting works is a way for fans to help support their favorite creators on pixiv. The Requests feature celebrated its first birthday on September 30th, 2021.

The latest update to Requests, which lets creators set multiple Request Terms, also goes into effect on this day. Up until this point, creators could only have one set of Terms, but now they can have up to four. This means that extra request conditions and themes can be set, and therefore it offers more opportunities for creators and fans to enjoy different types of interactions.

■ Make creating even more enjoyable ~ setting multiple Terms is now possible ~
Up until this point, only one set of Request Terms could be set. This resulted in creators focusing on generic Terms and desired target prices. By increasing the number of Terms that can be set, creators can have not only generic Terms, but also ones that spark their creativity.

Creators could set deliberately tight turnarounds, use fun themes like "emoji", and exchange requests with their colleagues in the community. Of course, everyone is free to continue using requests as you have been, but why not try switching things up for a little extra fun?

If you're interested in setting your Terms to make requests even more enjoyable and need some ideas, take a look at the sample plans in the FAQ. They include some tips.

How to enjoy Requests

* For more information on setting multiple sets of Terms, please refer to the FAQ.
* This update is only available on the mobile and desktop versions of pixiv.
* Users outside of Japan are welcome. We can accommodate users in five languages.

We at the Requests Team will continue to make various updates to our service through the feedback we receive from creators and fans. (Take a look here for a year-long look at the Requests feature)
Over this past year, over 25,000 works have been produced via Requests. Furthermore, there are over 50,000 creators accepting requests, and over 10,000 fans who have sent requests (approx. 25% are users from outside of Japan). We're overjoyed to see so many in the community enjoying the Requests feature.

pixiv will continue to develop new services and features to keep the Requests feature a pleasant experience for our users.

Thank you for your patronage with pixiv.
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