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The Results for the Studio Chizu 10th Anniversary Redraw Contest

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Here are the results for the Studio Chizu 10th Anniversary Redraw Contest, which ended on August 31st, 2021. We're incredibly grateful to everyone who entered!

Among the many wonderful entries, here are the talented winners of the contest.

First Prize (1 winner)
A limited-edition poster unavailable in stores, signed by Hosoda Mamoru

『いつかまた』 / 慄桜嶌ヤヲ

Award of Excellence (Several winners)
Studio Chizu merchandise

『時をかける少女』 / biubiu Chen

『家族は みんな ナツキを 見守っている!!』 / りんぞー

『バケモノの子』 / こさかい

『未来飛行』 / beaky

『竜とそばかすの姫』 / lai wenhan

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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