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Novels images changes

Greetings from pixiv.

Starting from March 28th, we've changed the way that images are displayed in novels on desktop, mobile, and the pixiv app.
Images will now be able to be displayed the way they were intended.

■ Details

・The black border around images has been removed

・The clickable/tappable area of images has changed. Previously, tapping the black border on mobile and the pixiv app would open the work details page. The blank space around the image is now not included in the clickable/tappable area.

・The location of the original image creator's username has changed. Previously, the username of the creator was displayed to the right-hand side, but it has been changed to be displayed in the center below the image.
(This will still only be displayed if the original creator of the image is different from the creator who posted the novel.)

For more details about adding images to a novel, please check this help article.
What are the special tags that can be used in a novel's body text?

Thank you for your patronage with pixiv.
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