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The illustration challenge "Let's Draw pixiv Novel Cover Art! Light and Dark" is underway

Greetings from pixiv.

Starting Friday, June 24th, we will hold the illustration challenge "Let's Draw pixiv Novel Cover Art! Light and Dark".

In this project, we're looking for entries in the Characters and Ideas categories to be used as original pixiv novel cover designs.
Please post your original illustrations matching the theme of each category.
The winning entries will be featured as the cover template for novels for a certain period of time, and will also be used as the theme for the Writing Support Project "Stories from the Cover Art 2" to be held at a later date.

▼ What are cover templates for novels?
A cover template is a cover design that can be selected when posting novels on pixiv. Users can freely enter text on the template illustration, such as the title of the novel. Implemented in July 2021, cover templates currently come in more than 80 different designs.

* The recommended illustration size is W: 640px x H: 900px.
Illustrations in other sizes are also acceptable, but the winning entries may be cropped or otherwise modified as necessary to be used as novel covers.
If you wish to include text (e.g. a title) in your illustration, please make sure that the illustration and text are on separate layers to submit the file data correctly in case of victory.

Entry Period: From June 24th to August 14th, 2022, 11:59 pm JST

How to enter:
① Draw an illustration that matches the theme of one of the categories and post it on pixiv.
② Post your illustration including the category tag.

Contest categories:

Characters category
Theme: Heroes or villains
We are looking for novel covers featuring heroes or villains.
* All characters must be original

■ Category tag:

Ideas category
Theme: We are looking for novel covers with a "happy ending" or a "bad ending" theme. The subject of the illustration can be anything, including backgrounds and patterns.

■ Category tag:

* Your entry will be considered invalid if:
・It does not match the theme of the Contest.
・It does not have the Contest tag attached.
・It includes materials for which you do not have the rights or materials whose use is restricted by the terms of use of the distributor.
・It consists mainly of real-life photographs.
・It includes fan art.
・The privacy level of your entry is set to “My pixiv only”, “Private”, or "URL restricted".
・It has been posted outside of the event period or it is a reposted work.
・It contains depictions that are unsuitable for those under 18 years of age.
・Rules listed in “Contest Terms” apply to your entry or entries.

Award of Excellence
Two winners per category
・Prize: 10,000 JPY (approx. 100 USD)
・The winning illustrations will be featured as the cover template for novels for a certain period of time

* Only winners will be informed of their victory after the contest period has ended by the pixiv's Novel editorial team's official account. Please note that if winners do not respond within a certain period of time after being contacted, they may not be able to receive their prizes.
* Winners outside of Japan will be given the option to use another service to receive their 10,000 JPY, with any remittance fees deducted. However, the currency will be limited to JPY.

* Winners will be asked to submit their work data in PSD or AI format, color mode (RGB).
* Winning entries may be cropped or otherwise modified before being used as the cover template for novels.

Check out the contest's Application Guidelines for more details.
We look forward to your submissions!

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