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The Watchlist feature will soon be available on the pixiv app

Greetings from pixiv.
Starting from July 12th, 2022, the Watchlist feature will become available on the pixiv app.

The update will roll out gradually, so it may take some time for everyone to see the changes go into effect. We appreciate your patience.

About the Watchlist feature:
The Watchlist feature allows you to easily keep up to date with your favorite manga and novel series.
Many people have been making good use of it since its release in the mobile and desktop versions of pixiv, and soon the feature will also be available in the app.

How to use the Watchlist:
Add a series to your Watchlist by clicking Add to Watchlist.
You can find the Add to Watchlist button on a manga's series details and at the bottom of the work details page, and on a novel's series details and at the bottom of the novel while reading it.
Check the updates of the series you added from the "New" tab > Watchlist.

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Refer to the Help section to learn more on how to use the Watchlist.

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