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Ceasing account-linking service with Tumeng

Greetings from pixiv.

On September 12th, 2022, pixiv will cease linkage with Tumeng.

Tumeng is an illustration posting service managed by Beijing Lanwan Boyue Technology Co., Ltd. (北京蓝湾博阅科技有限公司, CEO: Lu Haizhou, Location: Beijing). Beijing Lanwan Boyue Technology Co., Ltd. also manages popular novel service in China, known as Bikan, with over 10 million users each month.

We felt that Tumeng closely aligned with our ideal to “create a space where creation could be enjoyed more”. We entered into a partnership with Tumeng on September 17th, 2020, to allow works uploaded to pixiv to be shared on Tumeng.

Due to changes in the market and within the company managing Tumeng, the service will come to an end, therefore, although it is unfortunate, it must follow that our cooperation with Tumeng will also end.

The goal of our partnership with Tumeng was to allow the works of all of our creators to spread further.
We would like to apologize to those in our community who had been making use of this partnership and express our deepest gratitude, even when the involvement to the work they posted did not meet their expectations.

■ On September 12th, 2022, along with the termination of linking accounts with Tumeng, information shared with Tumeng will be automatically deleted
Coinciding with the end of linking accounts with Tumeng, accounts that have been linked with Tumeng will no longer be linked. Additionally, the following information that was shared with Tumeng will be deleted.

Information shared with Tumeng when linking accounts
・User ID (The digits that are displayed at the end of your profile page’s URL)
・Nickname and Self-introduction
・Profile Image

Information shared when using the Tumeng-specific profile setting
・Nickname and Self-introduction set for your Tumeng Profile
・Profile Image set for your Tumeng Profile

Information shared with Tumeng each time works were posted to Tumeng]
・Work ID (The final digits of each work displayed at the end of the URL on the Work Details page)
・Work’s image, title, caption, and tags
・Work’s comments, bookmarks, and likes

Rest assured that while the information shared with Tumeng will be deleted, none of the above data will be deleted from pixiv. Your pixiv account, your works, likes and comments will all stay as they are on pixiv.

■ If you would like to delete your linked account before September 12th
If you would like to delete your linked account before September 12th, 2022, click the “link other external accounts” button in the user’s settings and set the ”Tumeng linkage” switch to off, or do so from the Linked Services Management page, where you can see your interaction from Tumeng.
As described above, the information shared with Tumeng, such as both your account and works data, will be deleted from Tumeng.

* It may take up to a few days to finish deleting all shared data with Tumeng.
* The only information to be deleted from pixiv will be the number of Tumeng followers and interaction numbers that came from Tumeng’s website as well as information written on Tumeng’s profile, which you can check from the Linked Services Management page.

■ Schedule for account-linking termination with Tumeng
Ahead of the account-linking termination with Tumeng, we will cease allowing new linked accounts with Tumeng on Augut, 29th, 2022.

Only accounts that have already been linked can continue to use Tumeng until September 12th, 2022. Additionally, please understand that after August 29th, 2022, accounts which have had their link with Tumeng deleted will not be able to have their accounts relinked.

Please check this article for details regarding linking accounts with Tumeng. Additionally, if there are any points that are unclear, please contact us with “About External Service Linkage” in the subject line.

Past announcements concerning partnership with Tumeng
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