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Articles on the pixiv Encyclopedia can now display links to articles in other languages

Greetings from pixiv.

A new field will be added to the pixiv Encyclopedia edit page as of Wednesday, August 16th, 2022. This is the “Japanese Title” field.
By using this new field, the Japanese and English articles can be linked, and links to other languages will now be displayed on articles in the pixiv Encyclopedia.

By using this feature, fans from other languages will be able to easily reference articles to learn more about their favorite works and content, so we hope you’ll give it a try.

We will explain how to link an English article to a Japanese article below.

How to link to articles in other languages
Either click the “Post Article” or the “Edit” button found on every article page to open the “Edit Article” page.
In order to link the article that you’re editing to a Japanese article on the same subject from the Japanese version of the pixiv Encyclopedia, you will need to enter the title of the article into the “Japanese Title” field.

Mobile version

Desktop version

How to search articles on the Japanese version of the pixiv Encyclopedia
You can also use the link below the “Japanese Title” field to search articles on the Japanese version of the pixiv Encyclopedia.

To search the Japanese version of the pixiv Encyclopedia, enter a Japanese translation of the title for the article being edited or keywords, and click the “Search the Japanese version of pixiv Encyclopedia” button.
The search results will be displayed in a new tab.

Select the appropriate article’s title from the search results, and enter it into the “Japanese Title” field.

If there isn’t a suitable article, please leave the “Japanese Title” field blank or, if you can understand Japanese, try posting a new article to the Japanese version of the pixiv Encyclopedia.

How will linked articles be displayed
Linked articles will be linked under the “Other languages” header as seen below.

Mobile version
It will be displayed below Related Articles at the bottom of the article.

Desktop version
It will be displayed below Related Articles in the side menu.

Check the article linked below for more details.

We hope you continue to enjoy pixiv and the pixiv Encyclopedia.

■ About the pixiv Encyclopedia
The pixiv Encyclopedia is an “encyclopedia made by everybody” breaking down different words, phenomena, culture elements, and works in the fields of anime, manga, games, and art design.
Tags posted on pixiv are linked to articles on the Encyclopedia. Many people may read the explanations you write. A pixiv account is necessary to post or edit articles.

English version of the pixiv Encyclopedia:https://dic.pixiv.net/en/
Japanese version of the pixiv Encyclopedia:https://dic.pixiv.net/
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